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Citronella Range


Summer has finally kick-started at JY Candles as we finally start selling our amazing Citronella range.


Citronella is the perfect scent for outdoor use only. Created to help keep pesky bug and flies away whilst you’re trying to indulge in some outdoor activity.


Our candles bring that indoor feel outdoor, creating a lovely centrepiece to any BBQ.


Whilst candles are our customer’s go-to choice, we wanted to give you guys some other alternatives, because not everyone enjoys candles. So if you’re that person, then why not try our new range in reed diffusers and wax melts.


Reed diffusers are perfect if you’ve got children or are a very active household whilst in the garden, and our wax melts are for those who enjoy a stronger, more concentrated hit of citronella.


Either option will work just as equally, so sit back, relax and prepare to enjoy summer with JY Candles. 


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