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JY Aroma Oils Christmas Stock Reduced


By using our JY Aroma Oils, you can control the strength of the scent you’re spreading around your home.

Take control of your fragrances!

The atmosphere you create should be in your hands, and now it is! You can add as many or as few drops of our JY Aroma Oils as you like to control your fragrances.

All you have to do from there is kick back and let the magic unfold before you.

Order your handmade candles today!

Email JY Candles with the details of your order and we'll be in touch very soon.


Unsure which scent to choose?

We help you discover the perfect fragrance for you. With just a few questions, we’ll uncover your scent preferences. Answer the quiz below and let your senses embark on a fragrant journey to create a delightful and inviting atmosphere.