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JY Room Sprays – Coco & Sandalwood


Ever had that terrifying realisation that you’re out of candles when you need them most? JY Room Sprays are the brilliantly convenient solution.

A few sprays of any of our 20+ scents and you’re all set!

Scent: Coco & Sandalwood

By pairing the woody, musky scents of cedarwood with the more tropical, sweet notes of coconut milk gives you a beautifully-balanced blend. This gives you an incredibly versatile fragrance that everybody will love in any situation.

We’ve all been in that situation when you’re in desperate need of a fresh scent, whether it’s covering an odour or a last-minute rush before guests arrive, and panic sets in as you find yourself all out of candles.

Oust that panic with this uber-convenient option: a few sprays and it’s problem solved! Plus, you can choose which mood you want to conjure up with over 20 of our much-loved scents available in JY Room Spray form.

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