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LED ultrasonic diffuser


Enjoy our JY Aroma Oils in this beautiful electric diffuser.

Relax and unwind as you prepare to unleash our aromas full potential. Set the tone i with the multicolour changing button and watch as your stresses fade away.

A perfect present for your loved ones, or just a little treat for yourself.


– Empty and rinse the water reservoir after each use.

– Always use adapter supplied with this unit.

– When removing the upper cover always hold the base section.

– Keep away from children and pets at all times.

– Do not remove the cover while the diffuser is being used.

– Do not move the diffuser whilst in use.

– Always place diffuser on protected surface that is tolerant to water and potential spills.

– Only use tap water and not distilled or purified water in this diffuser.

– Only use essential oils, or fragrance oils in this diffuser.

– Always ensure there is enough clearance for the diffuser mist nozzle and no not direct it towards walls, ceilings, electrical items, fabrics or furniture.

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