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Porcelain Electric Diffuser


Welcome to our first ever white porcelain electric diffuser. We’re so excited that you have taken the leap and decided to bring your favorite space to life with JY Candles™

This tactile, instagramable porcelain diffuser will be a show stopper to any room and will quickly be a topic of conversation as you welcome people into your now beautifully scented home. The reason why we went with the porcelain over the ceramic is because this type of clay is almost impervious to water, making the diffuser more durable and less subject to wear and tear, meaning our diffuser will last longer than other leading brands. 

75% of your daily emotions are triggered by smell and you’re 100 times more likely to remember something you smell over what you see, hear or touch. This is why we at JY Candles™ have carefully selected the best quality diffusers for our fragrance oils.

This diffuser is compatible with aroma oils and essential oils, so whatever you’re feeling, simply reach for your favourite JY fragrance and get ready to be immersed into the wonderful world of JY Candles™


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